Technical Team
Curriculum Cristina Dornelas

Cristina Dornelas

Geologist Engineer (UFOP, 1986), Cristina has a large experience and has worked in different steps of the mineral research, from gathering of preliminary data to studies of pre-viability. She has also worked on the elaboration of documents, licensing and accompanying some processes at the DNPM. She uses mining and georeference sotfwares and is well known for being communicative, careful and aware of small details at work.

Jaime Duchini

Geologist Engineer (UFOP, 1981), Jaime is an exploration consultant in several regions of Brazil. Having worked for a number of companies and with different commodities, he has a large experience in project execution as well as in acquisition, research and control of mines. His work experience also encompasses geologic mapping and follow-up of drilling. His expertise is applied to activities in underground mines and open pits.

Curriculum Jaime Duchini
Curriculum Ivan Cisneros

Iván Cisneros

Doctor's (2000) and Master's Degree (1996) in Petrochemistry from Université de Poitiers/FR, Chemical Engineer (Unicamp, 1988) Ivan consolidated his career in Process, Production, Quality, Environment and R&D. He has a solid experience in the graphite mining realm, ranging from technical (operational) to managerial positions, including CEO and R&D, and also has commercial attainments in both the Brazilian and the foreign markets.

Curriculum Alexandre Marinho

Alexandre Marinho

Computational Mathematician (UFMG, 2004) with a Master Degree in Mining Engineering (COSMO Project – McGill/Montreal, 2012), Alexandre has coordinated and executed projects in the mining field, concluding them all in a high level of geostatistics and mine planning, using specific software's and developing routines. He is well known by his managing skills and easiness on dealing with groups.

Arthur Tavares

Mining Engineer (UFMG, 2003), Executive MBA (FGV, 2006), Arthur has experience in long and short-term mine planning, design and mining operation, fleet estimation, CAPEX/ OPEX. He has worked as a manager as well as in technical areas of small and large mining companies, contractors and consultancies. With experiences in both Brazil and Australia, he is a versatile professional, capable of visualizing several areas and angles of a project.

Curriculum Arthur Tavares

Gustavo Peconick

Computational Mathematician (UFMG, 2008), Gustavo has worked with some of the main mining software packages, such as Gemcom Gems and Maptek Vulcan. He also has good knowledge of a number of programming languages and has deep experience with linear and non-linear optimization algorithms. Gustavo has been working for the mining industry since his graduation, mainly with development of automation routines.

Curriculum Gustavo Peconick
Curriculum Thales Araújo

Thales Araújo

Mining Engineer (UFMG, 2008) with Executive MBA in Business Management (FGV, 2012), Thales has acquired great management know-how taking part in many national and international negotiations and coordinating works in many of the areas related to the mining sector. Thales has also worked in consulting with focus on mine planning and has great ability in management and projects coordination.

Curriculum Geraldo Majella

Geraldo Majella

Mining Engineer and Geologist (UFOP, 1990), MBA in management (FGV, 2000) and ‘Qualified Person’ by the Australian Institute of Geologists (AIG), Majella is dexterous in coordination positions for engineering projects, besides having experience in management of mapping, sampling, geologic modeling, QA/QC, geometallurgy and management of data bank applied to mining. His expertise includes reports about Resources and Reserves certification.

Jônatas Mata

Mining Engineer (UFMG, 1994), post-graduated in Mineral Technology (UFMG, 2008) and ongoing MBA in Project Management (FGV, 2014), Jônatas possesses a solid experience in management of operation and in processes of development, mineral mining and processing. His experience encompasses projects development and notorious expertise in technological characterization and conception of processing routes for various types of iron ore.

Curriculum Jônatas Mata

Farley Figueiredo

Mining Engineer (Faculdades Kennedy, 2013), Farley was responsible for the long-term planning of coal mining, as well as the mid-term planning of iron ore derivatives at Vale-S/A. A professor of ‘Mining Methods’ at the Polytechnic school of Belo Horizonte and a specialized technical services support agent at UFMG, Farley has recently graduated. His demeanor and a willingness to take on new challenges are remarkable.

Curriculum Farley Figueiredo

Development Team

Curriculum Fabrício Ceolin

Fabrício Ceolin

Industrial Electronic Technician (CEFET, 1998) and Computational Scientist (UFMG, 2005), Ceolin has considerable knowledge of solution development, accumulating years of experience as a consultant for large size projects. Ceolin works with system development and equipment conception. His projects are focused on system integration, automatization and customization of solutions.

Curriculum Charles Ferreira

Charles Ferreira

With a Master’s degree (2011) and a Bachelor’s degree (2008) in Computer Science (UFMG), Charles has acted as a researcher in data mining dealing with analysis and characterization of online video consumption. As a software engineer, he deals with analysis, project and building of web systems and is also experienced in the DevOps field. At MiningMath, Charles works in various fronts of the SimSched development team.

Henrique Elias

Computing Scientist (UFMG, 2011), Henrique is experienced in software development, unit testing, agile development methodologies, requirements analysis and definition of systems architecture. He works as .NET developer, using Entity Framework, MVC and WebApi, as well as Web developer. In the latter position, he utilizes the main frameworks, namely Javascripts e Cloud Computing.

Curriculum Henrique Elias

Narcélio Filho

Computing Scientist (PUC-MG, 2003), Narcélio has experience in project and software development, in both high and low levels, several architectures, platforms and languages. He has been working as a systems architect for 6 years and has already built a variety of them, ranging from small drivers to large-scale systems. Narcélio is engaged as a consultant in MiningMath projects and integrates the development team of the SimSched software.

Curriculum Narcélio Filho
Curriculum Rodolfo Ota

Rodolfo Ota

Rodolfo is a Mining Engineering student (UFMG), currently on the 8th term. His international experience encompasses two exchange programs. Fluent in English and conversant in Spanish, Rodolfo's résumé highlights experience in mine planning, acquired by means of mining software related courses. Responsible for the technical support of SimSched, he is also in charge of the production and revision of courses and tutorials of the software.

Curriculum Matheus Ulhoa

Matheus Ulhoa

As a Mining Engineering student (UFMG), Matheus has a special interest in the mining field, with experience in mine planning, acquired by means of mining software related courses. Proficient in English, Matheus also has practice in customer service, acquired in a prior experience in the logistics field. Responsible for the technical support of SimSched, he is in charge of the production and revision of courses and tutorials of the software.

Mariane Fernandes

Mariane is currently on an undergraduate program on Information Systems (UFMG). She has worked in a technical support position in data processing, dedicating herself to software maintenance and networks infrastructure, enhancing her practice in dialoguing with the user. In the MiningMath team, she is responsible for the execution and replication of tests related to the SimSched software, as well as for the development of their documentation.

Curriculum Mariane Fernandes

Samuel Oliveira

Samuel is currently taking Computer Engineering (CEFET-MG) and has experience in web programming, web design and data bank modelling. He has worked as a freelancer with graphic material creation and with website development and streamlining. Nowadays, he's part of the team in charge of the development of SimSched.

Curriculum Samuel Oliveira
Curriculum Lucas Matias

Lucas Matias

As a Mining Engineering Student (UFMG), Matias has a great interest in the mining field, with experience in mine planning, acquired by taking courses in the area during his Study Abroad Program at The University of Queensland, Australia (2014). Nowadays, he is responsible for working at the support system, reviews and material production, such as courses and tutorials, of the SimSched software.

Curriculum Antônio Aldebaran

Antônio Aldebaran

Student at the Computer Science program (UNIFAL/MG), Antônio is experienced in Computational Modelling and has advanced knowledge in development of software in various languages and technologies. He has worked as a web developer and development leader at Australia-based Audaxi. His professional experience encompasses research in the areas of Algorithmic trading, Deep Learning and Integer Programming at UNIFAL.

Nathália Mello

Master's degree in Mathematical and Computational Modelling (CEFET-MG, 2015), graduated in Materials Engineering (CEFET-MG, 2013), Nathalia is currently enrolled in Mechanical Engineering (UFMG). With a large experience in computer programming (simulation of granular materials), she's been an exchange student in France twice in order to carry out some research in the referred area. Now, she's part of the development team of SimSched.

Curriculum Nathália Mello

Walace Ornelas

Computational Mathematician (UFMG, 2013) and professional programmer, Walace has experience with programming in various languages, including those of web, graphic interfaces development and routines. He is the creator of the company's official webpage, as well as its graphic material and system of administrative management and currently integrates the team in charge of the development of the SimSched software.

Curriculum Walace Ornelas
Curriculum Lucas Rizzo

Lucas Rizzo

Computational Mathematician (UFMG, 2010), with a Master Degree in Computing Sciences (UFMG, 2013), Lucas has a large experience in mathematical optimization, besides an advanced knowledge in various programming languages. Started working in the field of mining after his graduation degree, having worked with the development of automation routines as well as data banks for geologic prospect samples.

Curriculum Thais Diniz

Thais Diniz

Thais has experience in network management while she is still a student in Computing Science (CEFET-MG). She has performed an 8-month internship in the telecommunication company Alctel as well as a technical support tenure. By means of the latter position, Thais has worked in the Computing Division of the University itself. She has joined the MiningMath team whereby she works namely in the development of SimSched software.

Administrative Team

Curriculum Kátia Marinho

Kátia Marinho

Executive Secretary (Newton Paiva, 1983) and Specialist in Project Elaboration (UFMG, 2007), Kátia communicates in English and Spanish. She worked for more than two decades in Mendes Júnior, including its international sector. Kátia has advanced abilities in market softwares and has many leadership qualities. She is responsible for the management and commercial representation of the company.

Curriculum Ellen Nicoli

Ellen Nicoli

Public Relations (Newton Paiva, 2008), Ellen has lived abroad for 2 years, period during which she gained more fluency in the English language. Having worked for approximately 8 years in the commercial field and in events coordination, she is highly skilled in customer service, both internal and external. She is currently in charge of supporting the administrative management of the organisation and of the commercial rapport with the clientele.

Lucas Nicoli

Lucas has experience in administrative clerking, as well as sales and IT support. Throughout 8 years working as an administrative agent in civil construction and events' management and production, his résumé showcases the alluded to background. Lucas' experience as technical vendor for mining-related equipments also speaks to that. Currently, he holds a management supporting position at MiningMath.

Curriculum Lucas Nicoli

Stephan Delgado

Master in Administration (PUC Minas, 2016), specialist in Business Management (Ibmec, 2010) and Mathematician (UFMG, 2008), Stephan has experience in management, finance and strategy. Currently, he is involved with business process modeling, which implies structuring the company's divisions and promoting enhancements to the ongoing processes. He also leads the identification and selection of new collaborators.

Curriculum Stephan Delgado
Curriculum Bárbara Publio

Bárbara Publio

Lawyer (FUMEC, 2007) with a post-graduate degree in Procedural Law (PUC/MG, 2009) and a specialization in contracts, Barbara has worked for medium and large size companies, having experience in litigation and consultation, contingency control and mapping, as well as intellectual property. She has also experienced in the carrying out of Compliance. Nowadays Barbara is responsible for the analysis of contracts and deeds related to our organization.

Curriculum Leonardo Di Pietra

Leonardo Di Pietra

Bachelor's Degree in Law (PUC-MG, 1999), he is currently taking the Master's Degree in Public Administrattion (ENAP, Canada). Worked at Mendes Júnior Trading e Engenharia S.A. and at J Lacerda Advogados Associados (MG/Brazil). Established the Legal Department at Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (2012) before moving to Canada. Amongst other activities, Leonardo is presently the legal consultant for MiningMath.




In partnership with the Laboratory of Mineral Research and Mine Planning LPM-EE-UFMG, MiningMath contributes with initiatives to support research projects, students' training and the delivery of speeches and courses for the spread of recent technological improvements. The participating students engage themselves in real clients' cases under the guidance of Prof. Carlos E. A. Ortiz and MiningMath professionals.


MiningMath and UNIFAL (Universidade Federal de Alfenas) hold a partnership agreement by means of which the students of the nucleus of the Mining Engineering Program are offered the opportunities to perform their undergraduate projects. These new professionals are indulged with the technologies produced by our company against a backdrop of contribution with better practices and resources in their learning process.