Mining News: Testimonial of Furkan Kasa

“In my case study, the mining deposit has 480K blocks and SimSched DBS completed the optimization in only 5 or 6 minutes. It is really fast, simple and easy to use.” Furkan Kasa

Our partner, Furkan Kasa, presented a paper on SimSched at International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey (IMCET) 2019, in Antalya/Turkey with local and global mining companies.

Furkan Kasa is a Mining Engineer from Turkey where he has started his Ph.D. at the Cukurova University Mining Department in Turkey. He has been working in Dedeman Mining Chromite Mine Site in Kayseri/Turkey since 2007. He has experience as in mineral processing, as an underground shift engineer and an open-pit supervisor. 

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Complete Testimonial: 

1. Furkan Kerem KASA

2. Dedeman Mining  from Turkey
3. I’ve been working in Dedeman Mining Chromite Mine Site in Kayseri/Turkey since 2007. I’ve started to work as a mineral processing engineer for 1,5 years, in 2008 as a underground shift engineer (deepest chromite undergound shaft in Turkey), in 2010 as a open-pit supervisor I took the responsibility of all planning, drilling, blasting, budgetting stages and reporting. 5 years I’ve learnt a lot thing about open-pit mining and tried to learn new technologies and sources about mining. Then 2015 my director has honnered me as a mine operations manager of all production stages (open-pit, underground and mineral processing (triage, jig, mgs and concentrator)) of one of the oldest and biggest, high ratio chromite mine site of Turkey. In 2016 I’ve started PhD at Cukurova University Mining Department in Turkey (2002 Bachelor’ Degree, 2006 MSc. Engineer and 2016 PhD student). 
4. My PhD subject is stochastic resource simulations, economic and financial evaluation of deposits. I think, first I saw the Simsched in 2015 and I had no idea about DMS and Simsched. Then when I researched the different algortihms about mine optimization realized that “there is a differency about Simsched but I have still no idea what is DBS, what is difference from L&G algorithm”. First steps were really hard for me because my company did not produce metal, we’ve always semi-product of chromite, Pb-Zn-Ag etc… I thinh I’ve sent hundereds of mail to Matheus about that he is really patient one because he never tired to answer my questions over and over again. Finally, we found a common way for this and it worked and fit perfectly to my academic paper that I’ll represent in IMCET2019 symposium in Antalya/Turkey which a lot of local and international company attending. In my case study, deposit has 480K of blocks and Simsched DBS finished it in 5 or 6 minutes.
First thing for SimSched that I can write is it is really fast, simple and nice. May be it can has self interface not Sgems but still one of the my best. Now, I’m trying to finish my thesis with SimSched and a mine design software.

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