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Optimized Schedules

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Consider your real production

In the early years of the project you will find many concerns and the most value in terms of NPV. Knowing that, we decide to consider a 10-year surface to optimize the first 5 years. By a logical assumption, as the surface used corresponds to a decade, it will contain the interval from the 1st to 5th period and represents a lot more mass. However, this simple input can restrict the space where the algorithm has to find a solution, which could reduce the run-time and help it to deliver better results respecting the set of constraints given.


  • Timeframe: Years (1).

  • Processing capacity: 10 Mt per year.

  • Total movement: 40 Mt per year.

  • Maximum of 4,500 processing hours per year.

  • Vertical rate of advance as 150m per year.

  • Minimum Mining (50 m) and Bottom(100 m) width.

  • Restrict Mining Surface: Surface002 from Exploratory Analysis.

  • Grade copper until 0.7%.

  • Stockpiling parameters on.


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