A unique approach to maximizing NPV

From noise to contaminants you control

What if you had the power to control, within a global single-step optimization, variables such as: 👇

✅ Grade of a contaminant on the plant
✅ Haulage distance, based on the destination of each block
✅ Blasting material consumption
✅ CO2 and noise emission, energy/water consumption and other socio-environmental aspects
✅ And… any variable that could be modeled based on the average of any quantifiable parameter modeled block by block?

Usually applied on blending to combine low and high-grade blocks in order to increase profitability, this feature’s applications can go as far as your needs. It’s up to you! 👊

All you have to do is create an auxiliary field/column that considers a value of what you wish to limit regarding its value in each block.

You’ve got the power. Are you ready to prove it? 💪

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