All parameters simultaneously handled,delivering multiple scenarios

The First and Only Single-Step Mining Optimization Engine

The First and Only
Single-Step Mining
Optimization Engine

Through Math Optimization models that integrate multiple areas of the business, MiningMath handles all parameters simultaneously and delivers multiple scenarios, accounting for both strategic and tactical aspects.

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Single-Step Solutions

For any stage of your mining project

Super Best Case

MiningMath’s Super Best Case has the potential to find higher NPVs than the Best Case scenarios based on LG/Pseudoflow nested pits. That’s due to its unique algorithm that considers all mining periods simultaneously, without the need for revenue factors. MiningMath accounts for processing capacities and discount rate, and it’s the only product that considers destination optimization jointly within the same single-step process. Run your Super Best Case for free!

Single-Step Pushbacks

MiningMath also produces Single-Step Pushbacks that do not require any predefined set of nested pits. It maximizes NPV with advanced math programming, controlling tonnages, blending and other requirements. Build phases with higher adherence for your strategic mine planning with your preferred mine scheduling tool, or keep following your current workflows. At least, make sure of your decisions by unlocking a diverse range of possible long-term designs.

Single-Step Schedules

For a global optimization, all mining restrictions must be considered at once through MiningMath’s Single-Step Schedules, unconstrained by predefined pushbacks. Your short-term requirements can also be accounted for within the same long-term run. Evaluate multiple scenarios and create decision trees, identify hidden opportunities, risks, and bottlenecks earlier, check how each constraint interacts with each other and how each assumption impacts the economics.

Only with MiningMath you can

  • Reveal hundreds of unseen distinctive solutions
  • Find realistic lower risk/higher potential scenarios
  • Produce risk analysis with unknown parameters
  • Perform stochastic mine planning

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Access tutorials, theoretical concepts, practical explanations and tips to master everything about MiningMath and take the most of your project.

Future Overview

What is next?

AI and our unique algorithm combining powers!

Autonomous wizards and sensitivity analysis, parallel executions, CAPEX / OPEX, dashboard analysis, and much more!


Other technologies based on stepwise approaches are usually focused on three main individual stages: nested pits, pushbacks and schedules. 


Even the ones applying DBS in one of these stages still follow stepwise oriented workflows, in which each decision taken in the first steps limits your possibilities in each step ahead. If you use a stepwise approach, you’re probably missing out on (likely great) hidden opportunities.


With MiningMath, you can go beyond: our single-step global mining optimizer is the only one in the market capable to handle all parameters simultaneously in only one step, straight from the block model and unconstrained by a step-wise approach to optimization. Each set of constraints in MiningMath has the potential to deliver an entirely new project development! 

You can read more about this here.

The current version of MiningMath suits any open pit project that can be modeled with blocks in regular dimensions. We also have ways to work around multi mine projects, percent and sub-blocked models.

Absolutely! MiningMath does not necessarily compete against other mine scheduling optimization packages. Instead, it allows you to choose which workflow best fits your demand


➔ Create improved nested pits (it’s free!) 

Even our free version has more features to generate nested pits with better control than common pit optimization technologies. For example, with MiningMath you can avoid gap problems, while adding discount rate and destination optimization.  Get your nested pits and define the mine schedule using your preferred tool.


➔ Design improved pushbacks

MiningMath also allows you to generate optimized single-step pushbacks, which can facilitate your design process and guide your mine schedule while you are using other software packages.


➔ Improve your scheduling

It’s also possible to use timeframes to integrate the short and long-term visions in the same optimization process, facilitating the analysis and strategic definitions.


➔ Import results

In summary, the block’s periods and destinations optimized by MiningMath can be exported and imported back into your other mining package for comparison, pushback design or scheduling purposes.


For more details on all the possibilities for integrating MiningMath and other mine scheduling optimization packages click here.

If you wish to maximize your project’s potential, find bottlenecks, and efficiently analyze uncertainties across multiple scenarios, MiningMath is certainly for you! Say goodbye to wasting time going through a chain of steps to create limited results.


With other technologies employing stepwise approaches, thousands of potential schedules can be generated with a multitude of different methods. However, they all follow the same stepwise rationale, with one step guiding the next ones (understand this difference better here). Consequently, the results frequently present similar behaviors, restricting the full exploration of the solution space.


Only with MiningMath, you can:


➔ Avoid over-constraining

➔ Identify bottlenecks before detailed planning

➔ Analyze how constraints and assumptions impact the economics

➔ Find realistic lower-risk and higher-potential scenarios

➔ Reveal hundreds of unseen distinctive solutions

➔ Connect with any product on the market


Still in doubt? Download and test MiningMath now to explore your project and validate your analysis and decisions.

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