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Strategic optimization

Is mining an ordinary business?

November 22, 2019.

“Mining is a business. This may sound obvious. But when one tries to look at how we operate that becomes much less evident. Are we really looking at what would be important for any business? I’ve had this discussions throughout my career in mining and I must say in many cases technical people, i.e. geologists, mining engineers, processing engineers – those who run the mines – do not look at business metrics. At all!!! Let’s look at a miner. “Let’s move tonnes and increase equipment utilization”, one would say! This person will see the efficiency improvements in higher utilization. Does it help increase shareholder returns? No, not really. It has nothing to do with it.”

Alexey Tsoy, LinkedIn Article

Startup wants to reduce dam risks

March 21, 2019

“The last two tragedies that desolated Brazil, leaving hundreds of deaths and miles of environmental devastation, from Brumadinho and Mariana, raised a great question: it is possible to reduce the risks of tailing dams and to guarantee everyone’s safety in an efficient and economically viable way?

MiningMath, startup from Belo Horizonte, says yes. The company has created a software, SimSched, which, through the union of modern programming, and data science, allows the combination of any variables from a mining project to generate analysis, hypothesis and possible results. The objective is to contribute to improve the decision-making processes in the mining companies, in order to effectively consider the economic, social and environmental aspects of the business.”

Diário do Comércio · Gira Betim

Startups from SEED visit the Mining Hub

March 18, 2019

“Five Startups of the Minas Gerais Government Accelerator (SEED – Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development) from several segments, with solutions for business areas, visited last Tuesday (March 12th) the Mining Hub in Belo Horizonte (MG), to strengthen the relationship and exchange experiences on the market.

Among the startups were: MiningMath, which markets a solution that supports decision making at a strategic level specific to the mining industry, from designing a project to optimizing the value chain during the development phases; Recrutamento Inteligente (“Intelligent Recruitment”), which facilitates the management of intellectual capital; The Mindset, which acts in the management of mental health professionals; Cargo Sapiens, which offers management and compliance solution for international logistics; VG Resíduos, which connects producers and consumers of waste.”

Portal da Mineração

Startup develops software that facilitates data management of deposits

December, 2018

“MiningMath has developed mine data management software that promises to reduce costs and anticipate the environmental consequences of mining. The tool crosses and organizes data from different departments of a mining company to generate scenarios with the possible geological, environmental, economic and social impacts of an action in a given location.”


From left to right: the engineer Matheus Ulhoa and the partners of MiningMath, Fabrício Ceolin and Alexandre Marinho (MiningMath).

Industry 4.0 increasingly present in areas of the primary sector

November 6, 2018

“With the advent of industry 4.0, traditional and grassroots activities such as mining start to gain new ground in Brazil and the world. The use of innovative technologies such as data science, internet of things and optimization of processes breathe new life into the industry, promoting added value gain to the minerals extracted in the country, such as iron ore, whose largest production is concentrated in Minas Gerais.

Proof of this is that mining startup MiningMath recently won first place at the MineTech Mining Solutions Technical Challenges Challenge with an innovative technology to simulate scenarios to support strategic mining decisions using modern techniques of programming.”

Diário do Comercio

Event in the Capital discussed a more sustainable performance, besides the optimization of processes and improvements in the performance of the sector (Vale Agency).

Mining Software developed by UFMG Alumni is awarded in competition in Russia

October 25, 2018

“The software combines variables ranging from geological aspects to economic data and legal, environmental and social constraints.

An innovative technology designed to simulate scenarios to support strategic decisions in the mining field, developed by former students of UFMG, Alexandre Marinho and Fabrício Ceolin, won the first place in the MineTech: Technical Challenges and Mining Solutions Challenge in early October , held in Moscow during the 14th Russia Exploration and Mining Forum.”

UFMG · · Hoje em Dia · SIMI · Notícias de Mineração · FUNDEP

Fabrício Ceolin (left) and Alexandre Marinho (right) are the founders of the MiningMath startup (Personal Files).

Alexey Tsoy to present at the MiningMath 2018 Creating Value in Mining Conference

October 16, 2018

CSA Global Principal Consultant-Corporate, Alexey Tsoy will present at the upcoming MiningMath Creating Value in Mining; Strategy Optimisation through Data Science Conference on November 6 2018 at the Museum of Mines and Metals in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Alexey will present on Strategic Schedule Optimisation.

Winner of the 2018 MineTech Competition

October 16, 2018

Alexey Tsoy, Principal Consultant – Corporate and Business Development at CSA Global, is the winner of the 2018 MineTech Competition: 2nd Mining Technical Challenges and Solutions Competition’s at the 14th Russian Mining and Exploration Forum held between 2-4 October in Moscow, Russia.

“Alexey presented on Strategic Schedule Optimisation; forming part of this year’s MINEX conference ‘Building Up Innovative Excellence in Mining and Exploration’ […]. The proposed approach is based on a software called SimSched Direct Block Scheduling (DBS) […]. The software applies a simplistic approach where a block model is optimized on economic values assigned to each block in pre-processing. The simplicity allows a great degree of flexibility on assigning the economic values. Moreover it allows definition of variable costs based on time, residence time, or indeed any other parameter that can be calculated and limited in time.”

“The software that could revolutionize mine planning”

April 9, 2018

This publication states that the traditional planning includes the discount rate, production limits, blending and other technique-economical variables during advanced stages of planning and SimSched brings the possibility to reduce the number of iterations for planning.

“A unique and flexible tool for planning, which currently doesn’t exist in the industry. ” — Fabián Lemus, Senior Long-term Mine Planning Engineer.

The Scheduling The Sequences (STS) project, conducted by Antofagasta Minerals, includes a co-development of SimSched DBS, where major tests will focus on Minera Centinela, a multi-pit project with multiple processing streams that might benefit from an integrated plan. This will provide flexibility to analyze and evaluate development scenarios and the inclusion of new projects.

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Integrated approaches in the industry

How digital innovation can improve mining productivity

With profits down, miners are focused on improving their productivity. Digital innovation could provide a breakthrough.
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Digital Transformation—The future of Mining

In a challenging market, the digital transformation of mining companies has become a business imperative—leveraging technology to improve processes aligned to value.
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A tool for these times

Considering the current resurgence in commodity prices, every mining company should concentrate on strategy optimization to ensure that operations move from a cost-focused mindset to one centred on value maximization in order to reap the benefits of the upturn in the mining industry.
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Waste Dump Sequencing with SimSched

SimSched Direct Block Scheduler (DBS) is an open pit optimization package that selects maximum NPV pit shell while generating a mining schedule. Read more.

Innovation and Technology to Improve Open Pit Mine Plan and Design Optimisation

In the mining the change in technology, i.e., processes and software, does not happen fast but it takes its time, around 10 to 15 years as miners are very. (LinkedIn article)

Academic Partners

Mine Optimizations and SimSched DBS is a friend of yours now. SimSched DBS is the most powerful tool to achieve and compare NPV results of the pit. Read more.


2018 Sensitivity Analysis applied to operational parameters, IFG, Brazil (Portuguese)

2017 NPV Analysis as a function of the discount rate and cost of rehandling implementing SimSched DBS to open pit mining, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia (Spanish)


2017 Universidad del Azuay

2017 Universidad de San Luis, Argentina (Spanish)

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During decades, the mining industry has dealt with Mine Planning as a step-by-step process. This traditional technology has been established in an intelligent manner in face of the technological limitations of that time.

We’d like to share the news that the main limitations of open pit mine plan and design based on Lerchs-Grossmann have been surpassed by a novel and innovative technology.

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The concept of Pit Optimization is becoming obsolete. Here we bring a comparison showing the variety of outputs you can obtain from a single optimization.

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