With MiningMath there is no complex and slow learning curve!

Exchange points for exclusive benefits!


At our community, every action counts: the more you interact, the more exclusive benefits you get. Be part of and engage with the community, gather as many MM-Points as you can and even free MM-FULL licenses might be in the table for you! 

How can I get MM-POINTS?

Sign up as a member of the community

sign up

Sign up
20 points 

Get certified on our technology for free¹

online certification


100 points

Bring new members to the community

new member

Affiliate link
60 points

Share a testimony on your experience with MiningMath²


30 points

Get clicks on your affiliate link


10 points

Share new posts or comments at the Forum

publish or comment

10 points

Never miss important news by signing in every day

daily visit

Daily visit
2 points

Get likes on your comments/posts

Like received

2 points

Report an unknown software bug³

bug report

Bug report
25 points

¹ Submitting evidence of the certification process is required here before exchanging points for rewards. 
² Post your feedback here (it must be at least 5 lines long).
³ The bug must be reported here. Points will be manually credited to your account by the Forum moderators.

What rewards can I get?

Great rewards are here just waiting for you to collect them! Check below all the current options available and the amount of MM-Points required for each. 

15-day MM-FULL trial license


100 points

30-day MM-FULL trial license



140 points

60-day MM-FULL trial license



180 points

90-day MM-FULL trial license



270 points

Personalized Support


personalized support

320 points





8 points

How do I collect my rewards?

You can check your MM-Points balance and history on your profile page (make sure you’re signed in, then click on your username on the page header to be redirected to your profile page).

Once you have all the MM-Points required for your chosen reward, just request the exchange at the MM-Points section on your profile page. Select the chosen reward, click “Collect reward”, and all done! Soon our Support Team will contact you on your email to complete the reward exchange.

P.S.: These offers and conditions currently available may change/expire at any moment.

Is all that really achievable?

Oh yeah! See how simple it is for an average user to collect a 60-day MM-FULL trial license (180 points) by accumulating MM-Points: 

  1. Sign up (+20 points)

  2. 10 daily visits (+20 points)

  3. 1 new member signs up using your affiliate link (+60 points)

  4. 3 clicks on your affiliate link (+30 points)

  5. 2 new Forum posts/comments (+20 points)

  6. Share testimony at the Forum (+30 points)

    TOTAL = 180 points

This example is just one out of many other possibilities to achieve your 60-Day MM-FULL trial or any other rewards. 

Here’s a secret tip: collect desired rewards even faster by getting your Certificate and/or bringing new members to the community!

If you’d like to suggest other actions worthy of MM-Points or request other reward options, click below and share your ideas with our Community!

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