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Miningmath continues to improve its software and to add new features required by clients. The Insider Version is designed to test such new features before the final release, hence, can be unstable and show bugs. If you use it in your projects, save a backup to prevent losing your data.

You can report any errors from this version by sending an email to or by creating a topic on our Forum.

Changelog for this version:

  • Open scenario without project
  • Added destinations grouping feature
  • Generalization of average constraints
  • Fix erros in validation forms
  • Added warning for invalid data in model import
  • Viewer shows all scenarios from project separated for decision tree
  • Save with option of rename was removed
  • Option for duplicating a scenario was created in project tab
  • Big restructuration of data for better compatibility with future features
  • Added Economic Value per period
  • Added operational parameter, mining length by period

  • Fixed bug with processes with undefined capacity
  • Fixed some bugs in UI

  • Improvements in progress bar
  • Improvements in algorithm's LP models
  • Added MiningMath temporary key
  • Minor algorithm improvements

  • Revoking old license when active a new key

  • Bug fix when writing the average parameters in overview
  • Rename MM-DEMO product
  • Bug fix in use of slope constant
  • Internal improve on management of license
  • Unlock custom model to run with mm_demo license
  • Fix header of table of geometrics constraint
  • Fix edit fields of table of period constraint in overview form
  • Bug fix loading result files
  • Bug fix in progress bar
  • Bug fix in writing the time limit parameter
  • Included time limit to run scenario
  • Improvemets in progress bar advancement
  • Added total average and sum constraints
  • Added weight for average variables

  • Fix error on Average table tooltips

  • Fixed "Exception: 29: Internal error"
  • Improvements in algorithm performance

  • Added description for periods
  • Updated initial screen layout
  • Unlock origin and dimension for importation without coordinates detected
  • Unlock import without two economic values
  • Fixed error to load projects build in old version
  • Fixed error when save scenario after clicking Run
  • All database columns are displayed on visualization screen, and only
  • In the PROJECTS tab, buttons Open and View are disabled until a
    scenario is selected
  • Tabs MODEL, SCHEDULE and VIEWER are deactivated when there is no
    scenario loaded (prevent crashes)
  • Using coordinates for block pick on data table
  • Crash fixes when running scenarios
  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries
  • Added the list of scenarios with results on the home screen.
  • A Model tab was added with the possibility to edit data types.

  • Adjust in stockout values from reports

  • Improved algorithm related to total mass
  • Improved advance rate algorithm

  • Fix error on loaded penalty data from scenario file
  • Fix in progress bar
  • Surface reading fix
  • Improved algorithm related to total mass
  • Improved advance rate algorithm

  • Bug fix in project reading
  • Stock pile bug fix

  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries

  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries

  • Crash fixes when running scenarios
  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries

  • Some important improvements in geometries

  • Improvements in miningmath algorithm
  • Improvements in miningmath optimization algorithms
  • Improvements in limits definition
  • Improvements in number of periods definition

  • Fixed bug of disrespected Force + Restrict mining
  • Minor algorithm bug fix 
  • Some improvements in algorithm related to max advance 
  • Some performance improvements in the algorithm 

  • Minor algorithm bug fix
  • Some improvements in algorithm related to max advance
  • Some performance improvements in the algorithm
  • Show sequencing warnings
  • Folder naming interfering with file loading
  • Allow Licensing Error -114.
  • Minor improvements in the internal structures and minor bug fixes in the algorithm
  • Fix crash when importing model with sum restrictions 
  • Improved import error messages
  • Improved results for custom base
  • Windows environment adaptations
  • Adaptations compile on windows
  • Correction in the report's stock report
  • Load Scenario bug fixes
  • Fix limit definition criteria
  • Fix UI leaks
  • Generate all CSVs before calling Excel
  • Prevent running on incompatible Windows
  • Template is loaded without asking the user
  • Singleton and memory leak removal

  • Minor fixes in the algorithm
  • Import with coordinates
  • Updating libraries, compiler and installer

  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries
  • 3d viewer compatibility fix

  • Improved optimization performance

  • Crash fixes when running scenarios
  • Algorithm improvements related to geometries
  • Color adjustments in the surface display
  • Improved algorithm related to average and sum parameters
  • Import bug fixes
  • Fixes in the initialization and reading of parameters
  • Corrections in the treatment of imported surfaces
  • Adding scenario parameters in the report
  • Improved licensing screen by adding support information.
  • Improved installer and demo project copy steps
  • Updating libraries and rendering fixes
  • Improved algorithm related to periods and their restrictions


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