Unlimited scenarios and decision trees for your strategic evaluations

With MiningMath you have an easy workflow and plenty of benefits to boost your projects according to your needs! 🚀

✅ Import and format your own block model
✅ Run pit optimizations
✅ Access the Super Best Case
✅ Integrate with your preferred mining package
✅ Run as many scenarios as your machine is able to handle in parallel
✅ All for free

We will guide you through this journey!

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Theory Validation

MiningMath’s results are only possible due to its proprietary Math Program...

Guaranteed Solutions

Multiple, complex constraints increase the likelihood of not finding or not exis...

MiningMath Uniqueness

MiningMath allows mining managers to improve their strategic analysis through ri...

Time Limit

It is possible to indicate a time limit in hours before running a scenario in th...

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Formatting the Block Model

The main focus here is on the requirements. Try to pay attention to the header...

Integrated Workflow, Best Case, Exploratory Analysis, Schedule Optimization, Short-term Planning

By running these scenarios you are already mastering MiningMath and the main use...

Constraints Validation

This is the moment of validating every parameter that should be inserted on the ...

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