Improve your strategic analysis through risk assessments unconstrained by stepwise processes

MiningMath software allows mining engineers to improve their strategic analysis through risk assessments that are unconstrained by a step-wise approach to optimization. MiningMath’s global mining optimization methodology helps to integrate multiple areas of the business. It handles all parameters simultaneously, delivering multiple scenarios and accounting for both strategic and tactical aspects.

On the other hand, the mining planning technologies that follow a step-wise methodology have developed shortcuts and approximations. Thousands of potential schedules can be generated with a multitude of different methods. However, they all follow the same step-wise rationale, with one step guiding the next ones. Commonly, schedules follow from a set of nested pits and other fixed input parameters such as geotechnics, metallurgical performance, and blending constraints. Therefore, the results frequently present similar behaviors, restricting the full exploration of the solution space.

Scheduling Stage

Step-wise  vs IconMiningMath

Step-wise vs IconMiningMath

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With MiningMath you are ready to begin the scheduling stage, in a single-step, straight from the block model. The block’s periods and destinations optimized by MiningMath are exported in .csv and .xlsx file that could be imported back into your preferred mining package, for comparison, pushback design or scheduling purposes.

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MiningMath provides different views and solutions for each parameter changed and each possible objective on the same mine. The theory behind this technology can be further explored in our Knowledge Base, while you can also use our forums to interact with the community and have any questions answered. MiningMath’s approach has been applied for years by our customers, with an increasing number of licenses sold worldwide, press releases and academic research also proving the consistency of the implementation.

With constant developments since 2013, MiningMath has reached a mature and robust state, providing solutions straight from the block model. It is the first and only single-step mining optimization engine available in the market!

Windows 64-Bit (x86_64) - 121 MB

Windows 64-Bit (x86_64) - 121 MB

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