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What is the Ultimate Pit?

The Ultimate Pit is a fundamental concept in open pit mine planning. Essentially, it refers to the most economically viable pit shell, defined by determining the optimal boundaries that maximize profitability. This involves analyzing the potential revenue and costs associated with extracting ore, taking into account factors such as ore grade, market prices, and operational costs.

Simple illustration of an ultimate pit and topography surfaces.

Who needs it?

Contrarily to MiningMath technology, the most economically viable pit shell is essential for various step-wise mining technologies. These rely on stages such as nested pits, pushbacks, and scheduling. Specifically, these stages help in developing a strategic extraction sequence. They aim to maximize economic returns over the life of the mine. For example, technologies using algorithms like Lerchs-Grossmann or Pseudoflow require this definition. It helps plan and optimize mining operations effectively.

Does MiningMath need an Ultimate Pit?

MiningMath’s algorithm does not rely on traditional Ultimate Pits. Unlike conventional methods, MiningMath’s single-step optimization engine incorporates geometric constraints that are often overlooked by standard Ultimate Pit calculations. This approach allows for a more comprehensive and realistic optimization of mining operations, considering factors such as slope stability and operational logistics.

Can MiningMath generate an Ultimate Pit?

Yes, MiningMath can generate it as part of its data validation process. This functionality is available for free, allowing users to define the most economically viable pit shell based on their specific data inputs. By using MiningMath to generate the Ultimate Pit, users can validate their mining plans and ensure alignment with economic goals and operational constraints.

Can I export MiningMath's results?

Absolutely! MiningMath works with common data types, such as CSV files. These can be easily edited and imported into other mining packages. Moreover, MiningMath provides flexibility to choose the best workflow for your requirements. For more details, check out the integration capabilities of MiningMath here.

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