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We’re proud to see so many mining experts in the Academy using and recommending our technology, not only for more complete and innovative classes, but also for testing, developing studies and improving research!

Our specialist partner Prof. Jonatas Franco (PhD), in partnership with Professors Douglas Mazzinghy PhD and Beck Nader PhD, recently made use of MiningMath academic licenses to conduct a study for the Brazilian magazine Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração:


“The simulation demonstrated the importance of integrating geometallurgical modeling of mineral deposit variables with innovative mine planning methodologies such as DBS.” (Mata et al., 2022) Read the full content here:


You’re into building the future of mining like Prof. Franco? We’re here to support you! 

Use free licenses, online contents and community support to produce new studies, spread knowledge and boost up your career!

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