Global Optimization with no stepwise process!

MiningMath offers the option of producing optimized, single-step pushbacks with controlled ore production and operational designs. This procedure is important to ensure the financial and operational viability of the mining project, as excessively large volumes can render the project unfeasible, while excessively small volumes can result in resource wastage or missed opportunities for ore extraction.

By testing different volumes, it is possible to find an optimal point that maximizes the net present value (NPV) of the project.

Pushback Design

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How does it work?

MiningMath utilizes timeframes to generate pushbacks at different levels of detail. Timeframes are time intervals that divide the mine’s lifespan into smaller periods. Different timeframes allow users to perform a fast evaluation of the impact of production volume on the NPV. If necessary, adjustments can be made to optimize production and reduce costs.

Every pushback produced with MiningMath is created  in a single-step, straight from block model, taking into consideration geometric constraints such as minimum bottom width and minimum mining width.

Multiple single-step pushback scenarios can be created with varying levels of detail, enabling users to have a a higher variety of options and a comprehensive view of the impact of volume variations on the project’s performance.

Add it to your workflow

Having this broader view in mind, you are already able to begin the scheduling stage, or to import .csv and .xlsx results to other mining packages, for comparison, pushback design or scheduling purposes.

Clients who have benefit from MiningMath

Start using now!

All that is explained in our Knowledge Base (see an example of pushback workflow here), while you can also use our forums to interact with the community and have any questions answered. MiningMath’s approach has been applied for years by our customers, with an increasing number of licenses sold worldwide, press releases and academic research also proving the consistency of the implementation.

With constant developments since 2013, MiningMath has reached a mature and robust state, providing solutions straight from the block model. It is the first and only single-step mining optimization engine available in the market!

Windows 64-Bit (x86_64) - 121 MB

Windows 64-Bit (x86_64) - 121 MB

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