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We push technology in the mining sector,
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Our team is passionate about mining and has decades of experience


  • Customized Scripts
  • Software Development
  • Software Integrations
  • Simulation and Optimization


  • Exploration
  • Database
  • 3D-Modelling
  • Geostatistics


  • Mine-Plant Optimization
  • Operational Scheduling
  • Handling Uncertainties
  • Mine Simulations


  • Geology-Mine-Plant
  • Online Integrations
  • Long-Short-Term Integrations
  • Online Reconciliation

A multi-disciplinary team, capable of performing and integrating activities in different phases of the mineral production process

Main clients we have worked with so far

Sibelco Usiminas AngloAmerican Alcoa Samarco Vale Fortescue Coffey

Relevant content to the mining industry in an open forum for discussion and learning

Reviews, questions and suggestions help us to prepare and develop new topics for discussion 
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  • SimSched Software
  • Dicas Micromine
    (In Portuguese)
  • Tratamento de Minérios
    (In Portuguese)
  • Incertezas na Mineração
    (In Portuguese)

We offer courses in different areas of the mineral production process

Assisted training with online support
Share with us your demands, and we should help you finding the best solution.


Creating multiple optimized scenarios of MINE SCHEDULES has never been so easy


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