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Missing out on feasible opportunities is never an option for the greatest mining engineers worldwide. But what happens when you don’t even know they’re being missed? Our brand-new Brochure presents MiningMath’s Single-Step Global Optimization, demonstrating

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From Noise To Contaminants: You Control

What if you had the power to control, within a global single-step optimization, variables such as: Grade of a contaminant on the plant Haulage distance, based on the destination of each block Blasting material consumption

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Renew Your License for 2022!

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Reblocking is a method used to decrease the number of blocks in a block model by...

Floating-point numbers

Same scenario, different results? Is it possible to find different results for t...


MiningMath supports and encourages the translation of its knowledge base to mult...

Imperial System

For importing databases, MiningMath uses the metric system exclusively. In case ...

In-Depth MiningMath

This tutorial provides a detailed guidance to the pages in the knowledge base fo...

Theory Validation

MiningMath’s results are only possible due to its proprietary Math Program...

Guaranteed Solutions

Multiple, complex constraints increase the likelihood of not finding or not exis...

MiningMath Uniqueness

MiningMath allows mining managers to improve their strategic analysis through ri...

Time Limit

It is possible to indicate a time limit in hours before running a scenario in th...

Must-Read Articles

In order to take the maximum of MiningMath’s Optimization we recommend this fl...



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