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Understanding Strategic Mine Planning

Strategic mine planning involves creating a plan to efficiently use a mineral resource, maximizing its value over the mine’s lifetime. In other words, it is important to create a timeline for the extraction and processing of the mineral resources, balancing the need for steady production with operational and market considerations.

Effective strategic mine planning also involves risk management. Through MiningMath’s optimization models that integrate multiple areas of the business, mining companies can identify the efficient extraction methods, minimize costs, and enhance overall project value.

Strategic mine planning and its variables.Strategic mine planning and its challenges.

Improve Strategic Mine Planning with Diverse Workflows

MiningMath supports diverse workflows designed to enhance strategic mine planning, empowering mining engineers to improve their strategic analysis through risk assessments. Unlock the full potential of your mining projects, focusing on NPV maximization, solution refinement, and  integration using different timeframes. 

NPV Maximization Workflows
  • Super Best Case: maximizes a project's NPV by exploring the entire solution space with only processing capacity constraints.

  • Optimized Pushbacks: generate and analyze pushback scenarios to optimize ore and waste volumes, controling geometric constraints and aiming to maximize the project's NPV.

  • NPV Upside Potential: generate and analyze scenarios to measure the impact of each constraint on the project’s NPV.

Optimization and Analysis Workflows
  • Best-Worst Range Analysis: identify optimal equipment and mining techniques by evaluating varying mine width constraints to maximize production and profit.

  • Selectivity Analysis: analyze scenarios to assess how different geometric constraints impact the project's NPV, ranging from highly selective to less selective setups.

  • Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis: analyze scenarios by varying selected constraints to optimize mine configuration and enhance productivity and profitability.

Solution Search and Improvement Workflows
  • Design Enhancement: create scenarios to conduct extensive searches for solutions with similar NPV values but with fewer violations and improved shapes.

  • NPV Enhancement: generate scenarios to thoroughly search for solutions that maximize NPV while meeting project constraints with minimal violations.

  • Bottleneck Analysis: generate scenarios to minimize violations while preserving NPV, maintaining geometries, and reducing risks. Aim for efficient, sustainable solutions tailored to mine-specific constraints and needs.

Strategic Integration Workflows
  • Short-term Planning: integrate short-term and long-term optimizations using different timeframes to streamline strategic analysis and decision-making processes.

  • Multi-mine: find solutions that regards all the pits been mined or mixed at the same time with a single-step, global optimization algorithm.

Sustainability Analysis Workflow
  • Sustainable analysis: incorporate social and environmental factors in the mining project optimization, assessing their impact whilst maximizing the project's net present value (NPV).

Transform Your Strategic Mine Planning

MiningMath offers a robust suite of strategic mine planning workflows designed to optimize every aspect of your mining operations. By leveraging its diverse tools, mining companies can enhance their efficiency, manage risks effectively, and ensure sustainable practices.

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