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  • Real Benefits From Win-Win Relationships

    Our team is not composed only by our founders and contributors, but also by our partners who foster our community and collaborate with valuable materials and innovative ideas. πŸ† In their honor, we’ve reserved a special space at our website to disclose their professional expertise worldwide...
  • A New Way To Strengthen Our Ties

    Our collaborative spirit is taken very seriously in everything we do, and our partners' contributions deserve our recognition. 🀝 Matthew Randall PhD, Prof. Douglas Mazzinghy PhD, Prof. Sílvia de Castro Martins MSc and Prof. Jonatas Franco PhD, are mining experts who have been our truthful supporters...
  • New Features You Can’t Miss! πŸš€ Our Insider version 2.4 has just been released and users' biggest requests have been fulfilled! πŸŽ‰Β πŸ‘‡ Check out the newest features:Β βœ… Material flow: combine multiple destinations into more advanced constraints and consider all your routes within the same single-step optimization with the grouping destinations feature.βœ…...
  • Have You Collected Your Rewards? πŸ€”

    Support, networking and new opportunities are only a few of the benefits you get from interacting at our Forum! πŸ˜‰ In our Community, your actions count as points that can be accumulated and exchanged for personalized support and even months of MM-FULL for FREE! 😱 πŸš€ You’ll...
  • Growing As A Community πŸš€

    We stand by collaborating with the Community to grow businesses together. Watching these partnerships bear fruits is our greatest reward! In August, IMSSΒ (represented by Christian Osorio Morales and Luis Martinez, PhD), a trust-worthy consultancy partner of ours in Peru/Chile, offered training sessions for the Coldelco...

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