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MiningMath automatically starts on the Home Page, as shown in Figure 1.

Overview of Recent Projects

Decision Trees feature enables you to create new tabs and ways to organize the mining planning strategies.

Open and View options for the current selected scenario under the Decision Trees tab.

Edit button shortcut, which will lead you to the Calculator functionality explored further ahead.

Model table discloses the main information regarding your block model and its parameters.

Figure 1: Interface example. Click to expand.

The following are three main information windows:

  • The Recent Projects window allows you to select a project and have an overview of the saved scenarios that will appear right away at the Decision Tree tab. It allows the user to quickly navigate through recent projects and scenarios without opening them from their original folders. Clicking with the right button on the project name, the user will have 4 options:

    1) New scenario: "Scenario config" window will open allowing you to decide in which decision tree to place the new scenario, its name, and a description for it. Afterward, is going to be directed to set it up in the scenario tab.

    2) Show in explorer: This option takes to the directory containing the folder with the project.

    3) Remove from list: Excludes the referred project from the Recent Projects list.

    4) Delete project: Deletes the project and the scenarios from it.

  • The Decision Trees feature enables you to create new tabs and ways to organize the mining planning strategies by exchanging scenarios between them, if necessary. It allows access to all paths involved in the project, providing a broad view and enhancing the decision-making process. It shows decision trees’ scenarios with key information about them, such as name and description to easily identify its characteristics, NPV on M$, runtime, and a direct link to the sheet containing all the results of the scenarios, which are available after the scenario’s execution. It’s possible to:

    1) Add new trees by clicking on “+”

    2) Rename a tree by double-clicking its name

    3) Clicking with the right button, the user may add a new scenario, rename or delete this tree.

    Getting into more details, some hidden options are available to the user when clicking with the right button on the scenario’s name: open, view model, rename, show in explorer, delete, and the possibility to transfer it between decision trees. The scenario description can be easily edited with a double click.

    To open any scenario, click on one Recent Project first, and then choose the one you want to work with at the Decision Trees tab by double-clicking with the right button of your mouse, and choosing the option "Open", or just selecting “Open” at the right bottom of this feature. The “View” button leads to the MiningMath’s Viewer.

  • The Model table discloses the main information regarding your block model and its parameters, so that you can easily review it at any time using the "Edit" button shortcut, which will lead you to the "Calculator" functionality.


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