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How to Run a Scenario

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Video 1: Downloading MiningMath.

On MiningMath’s interface, you will find the Marvin block model and its scenarios (Figure 1). It is possible to preview the scenario and its parameters before opening it (Figure 2).

Choose and open Base Case, click the “Overview” tab (Figure 3) to check the parameters, and then click on “Run” to run the optimization (Figure 4).

After that, a short report with the results will be generated. To view it, check all the boxes on the “Load Options” window and click on “Load” (Figure 5).

Finally, whenever you feel ready to run your own scenarios, start by formatting your data here.

Common Issues: Setting your first scenario

When setting up your first scenario, you may come across some situations such as unavailable tabs and some fields marked in red. These situations are quite simple to resolve, as shown in the following video:

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How to Run a Scenario

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