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Destination Policy of MiningMath

MiningMath aims to maximize the NPV of a mining project, and as such, it uses a discount rate in all calculations, it also considers the value of money through time. The software decides which blocks will be mined, when, and to which destination they must be sent. The mathematical model bases its decision on the economic values of each possible route. It means that MiningMath aims to identify, in a global view, which is the best destination to increase the NPVrespecting, simultaneously, all the constraints and using the priority order listed here.

Adding Destinations

Figure 1 shows, on the right bottom corner of the screen, the buttons responsible for add/remove destinations.

The panel Type shows the type of each destination added. The user must add at least:

  • One (1) processing stream;

  • One (1) waste dump

The numbers at the left of the screen are identifiers for each route at the mined blocks output file.

Read more about multiple destinations.


Especially when using multiple destinations, the user should consider using more meaningful names for each route. Figure 2 highlights the panel Name, where the user can rename each one.

Process Recovery

Figure 3 shows the recovery panel, which is intended to input recoveries used during economic value calculationThe difference is that now it is for reporting purposes, which means it is not being considered twice.

Economic Value

Figure 4 highlights the Economic Value panel. Here, the user can assign each economic function to the proper destination.

Stockpile limits

As shown in Figure 5, stockpile limits are available only for processing streams, if activated in the General tabThese limits are valid for the life of mine.

Read more about stockpiles.


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