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Mining Sequence per Period

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What is a mining sequence per period?

A mining sequence per period outlines the order in which blocks are to be mined within each period, typically starting from the first block (block 1) and ending with the last block (block N). It is common that other mining packages produce such sequences as part of their output.

How are mining sequences created?

These sequences are usually generated using heuristic approaches. For example, some methods gather all blocks from each period and, starting from the highest bench, select a specific horizontal direction to enumerate them. Some other tools also employ short-term strategies with greedy algorithms to optimize mining operations on a day-to-day basis.

What are the disadvantages of mining sequences?

Although a sequence of blocks can be defined for mining, these sequences often lack optimization criteria during their creation. For instance, approaches that prioritize starting from the highest bench only ensure that slope angles are respected, neglecting other geometric constraints. Similarly, greedy algorithms fail to consider the global view, potentially leading to violations of certain constraints later on.

Therefore, MiningMath does not provide such sequences, as users might assume that constraints will be respected when, in reality, they may not be.

How does MiningMath handle the mining sequence?

MiningMath tackles this challenge by introducing the concept of Timeframes. This feature empowers users to specify the level of detail they desire within each mining period while maintaining a comprehensive overview and ensuring that all constraints are duly considered.

We recommend initiating the entire Life of Mine (LOM) setup with smaller time frames, such as “months,” for the initial interval. However, in some cases, employing Force and Restrict mining surfaces from previous runs can help reduce the complexity of the problem and enhance efficiency.

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Mining Sequence per Period

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