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Data Validation

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Running an optimization for complex projects with several constraints may demand hours only to validate if the formatting has been done properly. Therefore, we present here an efficient workflow to structure your project. It is important to mention that you can run each topic of this content individually at any time you find suitable, but, we strongly recommend you to take it step by step to understand the main idea of the process.

The next pages use the Marvin Deposit as an example. To see its parameters and constraints please check the page here.

Validate it First

In order to validate your data and cut its runtime, we strongly recommend running MiningMath Full with the following set up:

  1. Process and dumps set with respective recovery values.

  2. A bigger production capacity than the expected reserves. In this example, the expected life of mine vs production rate is 35-year producing 10 Mt per year. Hence, a value of 1,000 Mt would be big enough to cover the whole reserve.

  3. No discount rate.

  4. No stockpiling.

  5. Density and slope values.

  6. Timeframe: Years (1), since it would all be processed in 1 period.

The figure below depicts this set up at MiningMath, with the highlighted fields.

Validation fields in the Overview tab.


Results are depicted below, with blocks in the sequencing, surface, surface with blocks and production tonnage.

Ultimate pit

The surface returned by this data validation process represents the most economically viable pit shell, also known as the ultimate pit.


  • Did the scenario run properly?

  • Are most of the positive economic values from the process inside this surface?

  • Is the mining happening in reasonable areas?

  • Is there a reasonable number of periods of life of mine?

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Data Validation

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