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Running the optimization

The Run tab is the last step before running your project’s optimization. The Figure 1 below shows its interface and in sequence we will discuss each part.

Figure 1 - Run tab

At this part is possible to check the saving parameters, such as the Decision Tree where the scenario will be inserted, scenario’s name and description.

Allows choosing to export the surfaces to a CSV file and/or the block model, with other options such as: all blocks mined; only mined blocks, coordinates and indices.

It is possible to indicate a time limit in hours before running a scenario in the “Run” tab as depicted in Fig. 1. The time limit is defined in hours due to the usual complexity of mining projects and by the fact that MiningMath will always try to deliver a reasonable solution. To know more how this is done read the article here.

The lower part of the screen allows you to view the results, in CSV, if the scenario has already been run, inside the software, facilitating strategic decisions.

After everything is checked, just Run the scenario.

With the progress bar you can monitor the execution of the scenario and the estimated time it will take to be completely executed, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Progress bar

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