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Operational Solutions

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A block-by-block schedule is likely very difficult to achieve in operations – example: operations does not allow using multiple types of equipment on the same bench. How to cope with it?

Although MiningMath works with blocks as inputs, the level of connectivity is user-defined by playing with geometrical parameters in the interface.

The following image shows results for the Marvin deposit when changing the Minimum Widths (filtered view after Period 2).

Figure 1: Marvin deposit and visual comparison across scenarios differing their operational widths.
Figure 2: Marvin deposit and NPV impact from scenarios differing their operational widths.

Note everything changes when playing with a single parameter, including the Life of Mine and geometries. Such impacts are also possible when playing with economic aspects, slope angles, environmental and boundary constraints, fleet size, processing setupsblending requirements, etc.

Watch the following video on how to play with operational constraints to achieve results closer to the reality of any project.

Video 1: Operational Constraints.


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