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Starting from version 3.0.8, a new set of small apps are provided in the MiningMath Labs section. These apps provide quick solutions to common problems, for example changing input csv files.

How to access it

To use the Labs section for the first time click on the Labs button. You might be prompted to select a folder with writing permissions in which the apps will be stored.

Once you have it selected wait a few sections until it opens in a new window as depicted below.

Example app

To run any app, just double click its name. For example, if you double click the csv_colum_operations script a new small window will pop up asking you to select a csv file to perform alterations.

Once a file has been selected, you will have the option to add or remove columns, get column statistics, and save colums.

Column options with csv_colum_operations script
Summary statistics of a Process column in a csv file.

From now on you should be able to play with all the options and all the apps and see if there is anything that can aid in your project.

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