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The pre-defined scenarios with Marvin deposit can usually appear with Red Warnings. This means that within the installation process MiningMath could not find a folder to place it. Therefore, to run it you just have to click in the one scenario, choose where the files should be and save them. It is important to mention that Marvin block model is disclosed at the link bellow, thus if lost it or want to import it again feel free to do so.


Figure 3: Recent projects.

While Running the pre-defined scenarios, you can already face some errors which happens when MiningMath tries to communicate with Excel and fails. The reason why it happens is that there are additional windows (like a login screen, an activation failure, etc.) being opened before the worksheet, which is interfering in MiningMath reports generation.

To find out, close the Excel instances completely and reopen it. If an additional window appears, before the worksheet, try to solve what this message asks so that it would fix this interference.

If you have more than one Excel version in place or it’s impossible to use due to a lack of license, it is recommended to uninstall and use another platform, to open the .csv reports generated and do your own reports.


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