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Warning Messages

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100 periods

The “100 periods” warning message (Figure 1) aims to prevent the user from spending hours with the wrong scenario setup. This is a hint that some parameters might be inconsistent with the information from the block model.

Common examples are typos, where the values inputted are in a lower magnitude order than they should be, as follows:

  • Production should be 10 Mt/year.

  • The user mistyped 10 kt/year.

  • Other parameters imported range from 10 k to 10 M.

  • The user mistyped 1k as a maximum limit for Other Constraints.

Before each scenario optimization, MiningMath roughly validates the parameters inputted. The math consists of comparing production limits, blending, and other parameters with simplistic calculations based on the amount of material available. In case values inputted are in a lower magnitude order than expected, the life of mine will likely be over 100 years, which triggers the warning message.

Figure 1: Warning message "The production capacities informed may force a mine schedule with more than 100 periods. Do you want to continue anyway?"
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Warning Messages

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