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Importing Data

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There are a lot of reports coming from this page, the first trick here is to check the tooltips when any question appears. A common issue occurs when we assign the variables to the wrong field type. The second trending mistake happens when we forgot to place the origin accordingly with the Mining Packages previously used, which generates surfaces totally disconnected from your original data. To solve these problems just import your block model again. The last one is related to the “Next” button which can be explained here.

If you are working with Marvin Deposit along with MiningMath, be aware that the inclusion of new fields is allowed, as long as there is no inclusion or exclusion of blocks in the file, and the SLOPE, DENSITY, and INDEX or COORDINATES fields are not modified. The error message displayed at the aside occurs when modifications are detected in the basic structure of the standard Marvin deposit. Therefore, use the original CSV file disclosed at item 2 of this page.


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