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By running these scenarios you are already mastering MiningMath and the main use of surfaces and refinements. The main suggestions to enhance your workflow here are:

  • Avoid using the minimum of a sum constraint equal processing capacity, which could cause some complexity.

  • Take special attention on surfaces so that a force mining does not surpass the limits of a restrict mining area.

  • Try to avoid the use of force+restrict mining in the intermediate intervals of your timeframe.

Sometimes the steps suggested on the integrated workflow, after the validationcould be a huge challenge to block models which has a high complexity in place. Therefore, you can try an intermediary step by splitting the mass obtained in the last executions on 2 or 3 periods, so that you could understand if everything is running properly and how much time such optimization is taking on average. It is important to be aware that geometric constraints as minimum widths and vertical rate of advance increase the complexity of the algorithm since they are 3-dimensional non-linear parameters. Beyond that, the number of periods, destinations, and constraint in place also influence such results. Thus, to identify what are the main challenges to the runtime read this page here.


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